The Auto Glass industry is over a billion dollar a year industry, and it is the number 1 insurance claim for automobiles. It accounts for 30% of all insurance claims. California has 14.9 million private and commercial automobiles. With that kind of volume your sure to find yourself with more jobs then you can possible handle yourself. So why lose that income when you can open up an auto glass franchise and have access to a proven name in the industry and resources from other franchisors to help you get and maintain clients for a lifetime.

Windshield Franchises Are Stable and Simple

The windshield repair business is stable. While there have been improvements to windshield glass over the century or so that it has existed, there’s no such thing as an unbreakable windshield. There is a lot of surface area of an automobile that is glass. That glass is bound to chip, crack, and break every now and then. And when it does, it’s not the kind of thing that you can repair yourself in your garage.

What’s more, there are more vehicle’s on US roads than there have ever been before. It makes sense; more people equals more vehicles. And this means more business for windshield franchises. And even as the nature of automobiles changes and we see continued shifts towards electric vehicles, the windshields still chip and crack, and they will still need repairs. Lastly, windshield repair is a simple concept. People understand it and know to seek out a windshield franchise when they need one.

Windshield Franchises

But why a windshield franchise? Why not start your own completely independent windshield business? That way, you own it all, right? Well, if you start your own windshield business, you’re on the hook for everything: picking a location, dealing with banks and financial institutions, finding suppliers for parts and equipment, and figuring out how to run the entire business on your own. Sure, there might be a sense in romance in starting a windshield business from scratch and turning it into a success. But what are the odds you’d actually be able to do that?

With a windshield franchise, a lot of that tedious start-up work is taken care of for you. You get training and a template for how to run your windshield franchise. Windshield franchisors can also help you decide on a location and protect your business area with an area of primary responsibility (APR), meaning another same windshield franchise won’t open up down the block from you.