Power Window Repair

Power Window Repair

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If your power window has stopped working, you need more than a quick fix. Side windows are one of the most active parts of your vehicle and can wear down fast. You and your vehicle deserve only high-quality power window repair parts and services. Trust our expert technicians at Auto Glass Franchise 

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Our trained technicians at Auto Glass Franchise will ensure that you receive the best quailty parts and service for your power window regulator. When we fix your side power window, the motor will work exactly how it used to when you first purchased your vehicle. The best part: We will come to you and fix your window fast and efficiently, so you can get back to using it quickly.

Our power window repair services can fix the following issues and others:

● Stuck power windows
● Slow rolling power windows
● Off track car windows
● Malfunctioning power window switches
● Broken power window buttons
● Windows that won’t go up
● Windows that won’t go down
● Intermittent functionality


You operate your power windows more then you think on average you roll your power window up and down 7 times a day. From rolling them down to feel a fresh breeze, to grabbing lunch at a drive-through, to withdrawing money at a bank, you use power window switches constantly. We know how inconveniencet it is to have a broken power window.

You can count on Real Fast Auto Glass® to provide the following benefits when repairing your power window:

  • Power window mobile service in all areas that we service.
  • High-quality, brand-name parts
  • Competitive pricing
  • Same-day service (in most cases)

Power Window FAQs

Common Problems with Power Windows. One of the reason power windows fail is because of a faulty window regulator, which is also called a window track. They also fail because of a broken motor, bad window switch, or a broken cable pulley. The main causes to these malfunctioning include snow and ice.

In order to fix a power window motor, a trained technician will need to replace all faulty components by unbolting the broken parts and replacing them with new ones. 

  1. Remove the Door Access Panel
  2. Remove the Control Switch Panel
  3. Disconnect the Electrical Wiring
  4. Remove the Door Panel and the Plastic Insulator
  5. Remove the Regulator and the Motor
  6. Remove the Motor from the Regulator
  7. Attach the New Motor
  8. Reinstall the Motor and the Regulator

Experienced technicians can complete most power window repairs in about 45 minutes. However, if a more complicated issue arises or multiple parts of a power window need to be replaced, the service can run longer. 

On average it is between $50.00 – $200.00, the make and model of vehicle is one of the biggest factpr when it comes to cost of replacing a power window motor.